50/50 SHOOT

The weather was great for this time of year just a slight breeze The scores for the shoot are as follows Unlimited Class 1st place with a score of 495 19 xs Dave Cook 2nd place with a score of 494 19 xs Carl Mawby 3rd place with a score of 492 19 xs Ray Hamell… Continue Reading

Gun accident

A Club member had a gun accident at the range. The wrong bullet was placed in the gun. The bullet exploded  and it is a miracle that after many pieces of brass were taken out of his eye the person can still see. PLEASE PLACE ONLY THE BULLETE CALIBER OF THE WEAPON  THAT YOU ARE… Continue Reading


The Bylaws clearly state the following: Article 5 Executive Committee Members (a) The officers of this club shall be a president, a Vice-president, a Secretary/Treasure, a Membership Chairman and the immediate past President (Elect), These members  shall constitute the Executive  Committee.  The Executive Committee shall be elected by a majority vote, by ballot, by show… Continue Reading

50/50 shoot

It was a great day for the shoot. The wind was in our favor just a real Comfortable day for a match! Unlimited class 1st place – Brian Cornell -score=494 – 21x’s 2nd place – Ray Hamell – score= 485 – 16x’s 3rd place – Richard Allen – score=480 – 15x’s Varmint Class 1st place… Continue Reading

50/50 SHOOT

Saturday’s weather was great just a slight breeze.  There was a good turnout for a hot day. UNLIMITED CLASS 1st place = Dave Cook at 486 score 16 x’s 2nd place = Jim Raney  at 480 score 12 x’s 3rd Place = Marvin Thatch at 472 score 9 x”s Varmint Class 1st Place = Marvin… Continue Reading

Well Dues

I have fixed the Dues area. Some people were willing to pay $100. so I fixed the sight to accept $100. The other Dues Area is fixed for $60 Use which ever sight that you would like to use with your credit card. Thank you Gordon Sec Continue Reading